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Antonette White and makeup go together like weddings and dresses – inseparable and complementary.


When Antonette was 20, she first discovered her love for adding a special touch to already beautiful clients. A professional by trade and artist at heart, her passion is making men and women feel confident on their special days.


She started her own bridal business in 2000, providing on-location makeup and hair artistry services for brides all over Chicagoland and surrounding areas. While her passion has always been bridal artistry, her clients have included executives, models and actors along with Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s. Her work has been featured in leading fashion magazines – and she’s just getting started on this journey!


To Antonette and her team, makeup is about connections and making a lasting impression. The team is quick, nimble, deliberate and artistic with their craft – and can offer their services from even the toughest of locations (even a corner table inside a McDonald’s restaurant!)


Below are some of the companies that we have had the privilege of working with.

McDonalds · Discover · Mike Love · Bernie Mac · ESPN: Around the Horn Sarah Spain, Pardon the Interruption Michael Wilbon, Carl Quintinilla with CNBC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Naomi Beckwith, Michael Issac, Jenny Milkowski · Nicor · Fox: Ivette Ivens Fox news · Kisswaukee Hospital · Northwestern Medicine · FORD Models: Cassie Scott, Courtney Phillips ·Hp · Northwestern hospital · Chamberlain college of nursing · Chicago’s Best tv: Brittney Payton, Elliott Bambrough, Bella Bianca, Katy Shotter, Caitlin Simone · Brides magazine · Elle Magazine · Chicago Woman magazine · Guy Bauer Productions · Maria Ponce photographer · Lane Media & Productions · Light box inc.

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